Collaborative 8oinks
In 2009 i started the website – a collaborative and experimental artist space and gallery.
The idea was, to create an online platform for artists to meet, share and collaborate.

We had a great time, experimenting and exploring new fields.

Every couple of weeks, i made a mashup-picture (collage), using one bit of an image from each artist, that was exhibited, discussed or questioned during the past weeks. The concept was, to make new art out of the inspiring sources – directly. The Mashups were free to download in high resolution, with creative commons. /download here:

During the “swineflu-period” i sewed a luxurious mask to protect the n°1 art-collectors.
I sold the mask here:

Some of the wonderful 8oinks members supported the project by adding the mask to their paintings, photos and videos. Thanks again for your creative support: GBenard, Patrick Jannin, The Raha, Brancusi7, Solaris°, Herr Schobel, Zach Manchester, ssmidd and incandescente boy.

As a grand final, we exhibited our finest collaborative pieces at the: Louvre, Tate Modern and Moma 😉
After a very intense year of hosting the lively website, i decided to call it a day.

Some of our humorous projects can be seen here: