New Work

for my series: Silence

definition: Any absence of sound, communication or hearing. Silence is also used as total communication, in reference to nonverbal communication.

Not speaking and speaking are both human ways of being in the world, and there are kinds and grades of each. Our thoughts are almost continuously restless. This is the nature of the thinking mind. It is seeking, restlessly, for relief from its self-created tensions, for the peace of the heart. Silence, within its unlimited reality, keeps an animated world of expressions and there are various types of silence. The silence that frightens, the silence that enters our experience, the silence that hides in the world, the silence concealed within one’s body, the silence that can be cultivated, desired or listened to – in philosophical terms – Silence as non-speaking (not speaking or saying in the conventional sense), pensive silence (sinking into silence, a pensive opting for silence), absolute silence (the absolute silence of infinite openness) – Silence as a state of being.

The following photographs are documentations of still life installations. I am working with raw meat and innards from animals, modified and alienated through colour pigment, sewing and additional elements e.g. pearls, stones, plants or different kinds of metal. The choice of materials is intuitive. It is a search for visual “words”, an attempt to create and observe situations that contain different qualities of “Silence”. An ongoing photo project. // All artworks form this series are 1/1 (+AP +EP)

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death and life (fig.6)
2017 photograph 33x50cm

meat (pig) coloured with pigment.40

death and life (fig.3)
2017 photograph 53x80cm

stripes of meat (pig) coloured with pigment.40

death and life (fig. 4)
2017 photograph 53x80cm

stripes of meat (pig) coloured with pigment.

curriculum vitae (fig.1)
2016 photograph 46x69cm
bone (cow) hung on strings and coloured with pigment.

curriculum vitae (fig. 2)
2016 photograph 46x69cm
meat (cow) hung on strings and coloured with pigment.

silence (fig. 1)
2016 photograph 53x80cm
paper coloured with pigment with marks/imprints from liver (pig) .

death and life (fig.7)
2017 photograph 30x45cm

meat (cow) coloured with pigment and a copper ball.40

untitled (fig.1)
2016 photograph 30x45cm

meat (cow) tied together with string and coloured with pigment. Handmade knife by Jörg.40