Shirin Katya Aleyda Kavin (former Winiger) was born in Zurich, October 1984. Influenced by her multicultural background, she pursued several ways of expression. Driven by the fascination of the human body, its modification and the love for extremes, she worked as a body-piercer, trained oriental dancing and acquired the skills of make-up artistry in theatre, fashion and film. This early process of orchestrating the human being and body lead Shirin Kavin to photography. The artist is captivated by an immediate, intense and diverse language, that seems to listen more than it speaks. Based on clear conceptual aspirations Shirin Kavin assembles. Handmade miniature installations made from organic materials, painting and digital techniques take part in an illusionary visual language, perpetually aiming, to visualise the invisible texture of the soul.

Since 2014 Shirin Kavin is living and working in Vienna, together with her husband and their two year old son.

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